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Sonja Mathis

Benton, Kentucky

I’ve always had a love of Disney.  From the Sunday night Wonderful World of Color, to Disney movies and my Favorite Mickey Mouse Watches, I love them! I have a lot of Mickey watches!

My parents took my brother and me to Walt Disney World the summer after it opened.  We returned after Space Mountain opened.  Of course when I had my family I had to show them Disney.  So off we go, returning to Disney the summer after EPCOT opened and the month after MGM (now Disney’s Hollywood Studios) opened.  Sadly I missed several years before I got to return to Disney. 

Then, I discovered I wanted to run a half marathon, not just any half marathon, but the Princess Half Marathon at Walt Disney World.  I was going to run one half, only one and this was to be it.  I ran it in 2012 - my first of 20+ half marathons.  I have run the Princess half 2012-2019 plus 5K, (I am a “perfect” Glass Slipper/Fairy Tale Challenge runner, 2014-2019), I have also run WDW Marathon Weekend Marathon, Wine and Dine Challenge plus 5K and numerous other half marathons in several states. And my daughter runs with me! (Honestly, I think she couldn’t stand it, because I was a real Princess and she wasn’t until she ran the Princess Half!) 

If you want to run your first 5k, 10k, half marathon, or marathon I can help plan that magical vacation. Need a vacation without running? I can help with that magical vacation also!



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